UV Exposure Units
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Ultra Violet Exposure Units
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Welcome to our website for  Ultra Violet Exposure Units (UV Exposure Units).

UV Units are widely used in industry for wide and varied applications. Some of the applications include:-

* Making polymer hot foil printing plates
* Making pad printing plates/cliches
* Making stencils for glass etching
* Curing UV resins
* Exposing PCB boards

Basic exposure units are generally priced at anything from £450.00-£599.00+VAT. However, with our new design (UV Ultra MK3), we have brought the price right down to a very affordable level of just £124.99+VAT, without cutting any corners!

Our bulk manufacturing power enables us to bring the cost of production right down and we are happy to pass on such savings to you!

Please browse through our website as we have a good choice of Exposure Unit from budget priced to top of the range double sided Exposure Units.

Model featured: UV Ultra MK3 with more powerful White UV Lamps at just £124.99+VAT

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Maximum exposure area 260mm x 210mm